unikum sejh


Sex: Colt
Danish Warmblood

Unikum Sejh will take the world by storm. A wonderful colt with a big engine and a ground covering and powerful canter. A horse born with a surplus of bravery and appetite for life, he already shows the qualities needed to make it in the big show jumping arenas around the world. He’s name Unikum(Unique specimen) is no accident either. He IS actually quite unique! His sire; Untouched S, who had great succes in the Grand Prix classes w. Nick Skelton and Ben Maher at the age of 8 years, died tragically only 9 years old. Untouched S himself comes from long line of prominent horses, including some extremely well performing mares. Worth a mention is his grand dam, who won gold at the Olympic Games w. Ludger Beerbaum. Untouched S fathered 4 licensed stallions and has offspring performing on the highest level. Unfortunately the semen collection of Untouched S is no longer available, which makes Unikum Sejh his sole offspring in Scandinavia. Unikum’s dam; Paris Sejd was tested and named in the highest class of Danish Warmblood. Her younger brother; Unreal Sejh, awarded premium stallion, with his international debut as a 6-years, ranking high in all 3 starts. Unikum Sejh - a foal with an impressive back catalogue and a promising future in the big show jumping arenas.